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Ottawa Independent iGaming Writers community offers the latest information in the field of online casinos and gambling for you to decide whether to play for real money or not. Online gambling and high rollers explode in Canada as well as the high demand for up-to-date, truly and genuinely useful tips to registration, promotions, bonuses, security level and tricks, casino overviews, and more. Here you can find everything you need in one place.

How and why we appear

Online gambling is not considered a new phenomenon today. Currently, here are hundreds or even thousands of online casinos, each claiming to offer the top games, promotions, and gaming experiences. We’ve started a community of iGaming experts to bring you detailed game reviews, casino guides, advice, and much more.

What we do for Canadian online gamblers

We believe it is our mission to provide Canadian players with all the information they need to choose the best online casino. We dive into the specifics of each online casino so you can choose which one offers the terms and conditions you’re looking for. Are you seeking to play progressive jackpot games? Do you prefer to play a demo account before you start to play for real money? Do you know the exact difference between hundreds of slot games available? We do everything for you to understand all the ins and outs of games before start playing online on any of the platforms. Ottawa independent writers oiw experts write overviews using great experience and data collected from different users. We explore the unique features of each online game, describing details such as:

  • Registration process
  • Security
  • Withdrawal methods
  • Bonuses and campaigns
  • Design
  • Ease of use, etc.

Top experts: why you trust us

Our mission – to be your go-to source for honest information. Experts of Ottawa iGaming Writers community prefer and value integrity. We dedicated all our time to overviewing and make a rank of the best online games for you just focus on fun.

We only provide Canadian new players and high rollers with information on online games which is licensed and fully regulated by the government.

We generate content that has real value for each user. All the content is unique; moreover, it is always up-to-date and written only by experienced igaming experts.

Our professional experts have played each game, which makes their knowledge so valuable. It should be underlined that we work completely independently of the best casino brands. We go beyond advertisements and jackpot promises to provide you with honest and helpful advice.

Gambling news: detailed, high quality, and useful content

We review every feature of every gaming website so you know what you’re getting into before you create an account. Why spend hours, days, or weeks of your time looking at dozens of online games when we’ve already worked hard on your behalf? We frequently update our reviews to ensure that information on bonuses, campaigns and games are always up to date. We also play a wide variety of games at each online casino to bring you guides, tips, and more.

Once we have detailed features such as the registration process, reliability, design, and music, we assign a rating to each online game in Canada. Only the best online gambling platforms have the chance to earn our coveted 5-star rating. Play with confidence and find the right casino for you by seeing what our experts have to say.

Description of the best gambling games

Everyone knows that you can make money on the internet. There are countless ways to do this. But have you ever thought about the possibility of earning real money while having fun? There are many games on the internet where you can win money. Some people even manage to make a comfortable living with some of them. They become professional gamblers, and in some cases are even sponsored by brands. There are not only games of chance, some of them have a luck factor that can be controlled, and others only feature the talent of the players. Here are the top 10 games that can pay real money online.

Game #1:


Online poker is one of the most popular online games. It attracts more and more players every year. Some play as amateurs, just for fun, while others become real professionals, making a living online and travelling around the world to participate in tournaments, world championships etc. Finally, poker is one of the games of chance where there is the least amount of chance. The goal is to guess your opponent’s hand, and thus counter the luck factor to turn it to your advantage.

Game #2


Blackjack is a card game played in casinos, and nowadays accessible in online casinos. Unlike poker, this game is totally a game of chance. In real casinos, some cheaters used to be able to count the cards to guess what would come up. This is impossible on the internet, as the cards are virtually dealt by an algorithm. While some may be uncomfortable with the idea of a virtual casino, there have been online casinos for some time that use real dealers, filmed live via webcam, to deal the blackjack cards.

Game #3:


Roulette is another popular game of chance for online casino players. It is also a great way to win money. As with all online casino games, you can test the game using a play money account, which online casinos often offer from the start. The principle of the game is simple; a ball is thrown into a spinning numbered wheel. After a while, the ball will stop in a numbered square. It is up to you to guess which of the 36 possible numbers the ball will stop in. You can also bet on all even and odd numbers, reds and blacks.

Game #4


Slot machines are also a big hit on the internet. They are fun, there are lots of them, and they sometimes unlock the jackpot. Some slot machines also offer bonus games. If you line up certain symbols, a game is unlocked. You play it, and win money almost every time. These small games offer small wins, but enough to boost your bankroll and increase your chances of unlocking the big jackpot.

Game #5:


On the internet, scratch cards are everywhere. Many online gaming sites offer a multitude of scratch cards. If some of them allow you to win gifts, most of them allow you to win money. Here, instead of scratching a ticket with a coin as you would do in a tobacconist’s shop, you scratch your ticket with your mouse. It’s all very simple, but it’s this playfulness that once again attracts many players, in addition to the possibility of winning money.

Game #6


Here again, you can find many gaming sites that offer daily or weekly lotteries by simply searching. When making your choice, pay attention to the prizes on offer. Some lotteries will give you gifts or discount vouchers, or loyalty points, while others will give you real money. It all depends on what you want. The main goal is to have fun!

Game #7:


Some Internet users spend all their free time hunting for and participating in competitions. These games abound on the web and there is something for everyone. Sometimes the prizes in competitions are money, but this is quite rare. Most often, they are gifts, but sometimes they can be very valuable. For example, many competitions allow you to win cars, trips, household appliances etc. Winning a car also means winning money, especially as after a certain period of time you can always sell it and win several thousand euros.

Game #8

Sports betting

Sports betting is one of those internet gambling games where you can make a living. Many players are already doing this. To succeed in sports betting, you have to be a sports fan and an expert in at least one sport. Then, you have to be familiar with how sports betting work, the odds system, the different types of bets etc. Nevertheless, it is a game in which it is possible to reduce the risks and control one’s luck through knowledge of the sport on which one is betting.

Game #9:

Paid Multiplayer Games

Paid multiplayer games are small online games in which you win money if you manage to beat other players. These other players are also real Internet users who try to beat you on their side. There are many different types of games offered by the platforms. There are classic card games such as belote, and more playful games such as games of skill or arcade.

Game #10

Video games

Video games have a large following, known as gamers. This phenomenon has been around for a long time and has become so widespread that there are now competitions for certain video games.

Online Casinos

You can be sure that we select only the best gambling sites studied based on several criteria. In cooperation with the experts of the largest resource with reviews of online casino CasinoValley, we have made revisions of the most popular Canadian casinos. These sites were reviewed for licenses, bonuses offered, a variety of games, speed of payouts, and quality of customer support. More about them is below.


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Casimba Casino


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BetHard Casino

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