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Ottawa iGaming Writers community welcomes you on the gambling podcasts page. This series of podcasts discuss the new reality of online games, video games, and slots. Researchers from the community discuss the impact of online casino games on the lifestyles of individuals and communities, the advantages of the newest games, and different tips and tricks on how to win the jackpot.

Podcast: Everything you need to know

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A podcast is digital audio content that is made available free of charge by its producer through the RSS feed system. This allows the listener to listen to it online or download it to their smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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For the record, the term comes from the contraction of the words iPod and broadcast. It was invented by the British journalist Ben Hammersley in 2004, and very quickly taken up by Apple on its iTunes platform.

What are the different types of the podcasts?

There are two main types of podcast


The catch-up podcast, offering a replay of radio programmes, which allows you to listen to your programmes on demand.


The native podcast, original content created specifically for public broadcasting, without being broadcast on the radio

The native gambling podcast is what we really offer you.  It should be underlined that our native gambling podcast is independent in the sense that it does not depend on radio programming schedules, therefore we have the opportunity to launch it on such a subject as online casino and gambling.

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How to listen to a gambling podcast?

You can listen to your favourite podcasts from any device that supports the audio format. However, the format is particularly well suited to the smartphone.

Our newest podcast

Episode AG 054: Gambling: the passion of chance. New novel about gambling industry.

The plot of the podcast:

Jamie shares his struggles with online gambling.

The practice of gambling has been partially open to competition since 2010, and this raises questions about the role of the state in supervising these practices and supporting players to prevent them from falling into a form of addiction. Since 2010, the law has opened up to competition a legal offer in three areas: horse betting, sports betting, and poker.

In 2020 according to the Ottawa iGaming Writers community experts, the Canadian spent more than C$10 billion on slot machines, lottery, and sports betting. This is 20% more than ten years ago. The hope of winning and the taste for chance are attracting an ever-wider public and are particularly affecting the youngest populations.

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